7 tips for choosing the best domain name

In the present world, Choosing a domain name is not an easy thing. While choosing a domain name, You should make sure that you choose the perfect domain So that people can remember that easily. Choosing a domain name fastly and hurting in the future about your lousy domain name is the worst thing. There are few things you should keep in a while choosing a domain name because your chosen domain name should be perfect for search rankings, and it should be easy to remember.

Domain Name

Below are a few tips which you should follow while choosing the domain name.

  1. Top-level domain.
  2. Short name.
  3. Easy to remember.
  4. Choose a unique one.
  5. Prefer using popular keywords.
  6. Avoid hyphens and numbers.
  7. Use domain name generators.

Top Level Domain

Top-level domain: Image source: domainnamestat.com

The first thing you should do while choosing a domain name is that it should be a Top-level domain. A Top-level domain means the domain extension which is trending on the internet.

At present, .com.net.org are the hosting trending domain extensions on the internet. Most people prefer these extensions while choosing a domain name. Don’t try to be unique at this step.

Among the three extensions, We suggest you choose a .com domain. In case if it is not available, Go with .net first and then go with .org. If all the above extensions are chosen with your preferred domain name, I suggested choosing another domain name.

  • Short name:

The second most important step is your domain name should be short. Short domain names are straightforward to remember, and they strike-off in people’s minds when they are searching for anything. Make sure that the domain name should be within 6-12 characters. The shorter domain names may not be available, so you need to think more about finding a unique name.

  • Easy to remember.

Your chosen domain name might be short but make sure that the domain name should be easy to remember. Have a look at a few popular websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many others.

Aren’t they easy to remember?

They are easy to pronounce and spell. When people want to find something, then a few websites like them mark first. For example, If you choose a domain name that people can’t remember. If they want to search for something on your website and unfortunately they forgot your name on time. In this case, The users search on any other website.

So choosing a domain name that should be easy to remember also matters.

  • Choose a unique one:

The first most mistake everyone makes while choosing a domain name is they take the keywords of other websites and modify them a little bit. It will be great if your name is short and easy to remember. But if it is hard to remember, They leave it and choose the other one even though it’s short.

Choosing a unique one plays a significant role in the future when the website is growing.

  • Prefer using popular keywords:

For example, If you are searching a domain name for forming up a news website. Then it need not necessary that your domain name must include news in it. At first, Search a website with the synonyms of news and try to find the perfect domain name with it. If you don’t find anything, then better use a domain name generator for finding up a good name. If you don’t even find a good name, add news to your domain name.

This is just an example of finding the perfect domain name for a news website. Similarly, follow all these for forming up the website of your interest.

  • Avoid hyphens and numbers:

Keep in mind that avoid hyphens or numbers while selecting a domain name. We will have a look at it by example.

For example, if Youtube had a hyphen in between You-tube. There might be fewer chances of getting popularity for it from the beginning. If it gains popularity, the domain name could be a big problem with a hyphen. Imagine that the Youtube app could also have a Hyphen.

It doesn’t sound good, right?

Similarly, Avoid using Hyphens or numbers while choosing a domain name. Even though if the domain name is short, also don’t use them.

  • Use domain name generators:

If you are tired of searching domain names and didn’t find any good names, go with Domain name generators. The domain name generators are generally used for generating domain names manually by entering your required keyword. These generators will show you the new domain names.

These are a few tips used while choosing the perfect domain name. Make sure you follow every step and choose the best domain name.

Wrap up:

Choosing a domain name plays a vital role while forming up a website. So we recommend you read all the above tips and choose the perfect domain name. Don’t choose the wrong domain name, and don’t get hurt after it.

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