How to crash someone’s Whatsapp

Facebook-owned Whatsapp is one of the popular and daily usage apps. Everyone in the world is using Whatsapp. As a result, daily millions of images, messages, and many things are shared using Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a giant app that never gets down even though daily millions of users are on it. So, Sometimes you may fight with your friends or if you want to play with them for fun. If you want to do so then read this article completely.

Whatsapp Crash

Crashing Whatsapp is possible in two ways i.e

  1. Whatsapp Bomber(Whatsapp mobile).
  2. Auto Spam Bot(On Whatsapp Web).

we will have a look at these two processes now.

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1.Whatsapp Bomber:

What is Whatsapp Bomber?

Whatsapp Bomber is a mobile application through which you crash or lag someone’s Whatsapp directly by sending thousands of messages directly. This app allows you to send specific unlimited messages based on your choice.

For example, If you send ten thousand messages(10,000) to your friend who is using a low-end device. Then his/her Whatsapp will be crashed automatically. Because as it is a low-end device, So it cannot survive when it receives thousands of messages at a single time. In a similar way to crash high-end devices we simply need to increase the messages count.

How to crash Whatsapp mobile using Whatsapp Bomber?

-> Download Whatsapp Bomber APK from here.

[Download Whatsapp Bomber]

-> After downloading, Install the application on your device.

-> Now, Open the application an accept all terms and conditions(T&C)(If it asks).

->  After opening the app, You will be asked to enter text and amount of messages. Choose the level based on your RAM because if you choose a high amount and if you have low RAM then your Whatsapp will be crashed while doing this process.

-> So, We better suggest you prefer the starting level and increase it based on your device compactibility.

-> Select the amount and tap on “Send”.

-> After copying, Whatsapp will be opened automatically and now choose the chat of someone whom you want to crash their Whatsapp.

-> The messages will be copied automatically in the chatbox and now tap on send.

-> As soon as the victim opens your Whatsapp chat then his/her Whatsapp will be crashed automatically.

Note: If your Whatsapp is crashed while doing the Whatsapp then it means that your device is not compatible with the level which you had selected.

2. Auto Spam Bot:

What is Auto Spam Bot?

Auto Spam Bot is just similar to Whatsapp Bomber which allows you to send thousands of messages directly to crash his/her Whatsapp. The difference between Whatsapp Bomber and Auto Spam Bot is, Whatsapp Bomber is for mobile and Auto Spam Bot is for laptop/PC.

How to crash Whatsapp using Auto Spam Bot?

-> At first, Download Auto Spam Bot application from here.

[Download Auto Spam Bot](Media Fire link)

-> After downloading, Open the application.

-> Now, Go to settings and enter the interval(Count). For example, if you enter the interval as 1000 then thousand messages will be sent automatically.

-> In the top bar click on Bot and Enter a message which you want to send

-> Go to Whatsapp Web and Scan the code from your Whatsapp mobile.

-> Now, Open Auto Spam Bot and click on start.

-> Immediately go to Whatsapp web and open the victim’s chat.

-> And that’s all, It will start sending the entered message with the specified speed.

-> As soon as the victim opens the Whatsapp then their Whatsapp will be crashed automatically.

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How to recover Whatsapp after crashing?

Your Whatsapp will be crashed and sometimes when you try to open it then you may face lag or hang issues. Follow the below steps to recover your crashed Whatsapp.

-> At first, Close the app immediately and wait for some time. now open the app, if you face lag issue then follow the steps mentioned below.

-> Go to settings and navigate to installed apps and select Whatsapp.

-> Tap on stop application and go back to your home screen.

-> Now, wait for some time and open the app. It will function normally.

Follow the above steps carefully for recovering your crashed Whatsapp.

We have tested the above methods and those are working fine. If you face any problems while doing any of the above processes, Then please let us know in the comment section below.

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