How to connect to WiFi on PC


By default, all the computers(Not the latest models) won’t get a wireless connection option. The only way to connect to the internet is by using the LAN cable only. We can’t connect to WiFi on PC directly. Here’s the guide to connect to WiFi on PC.

WiFi On PC

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We can connect to the internet on a laptop using two methods, i.e., using a LAN cable or wireless connection(WiFi). One who is having a laptop is can directly connect to the WiFi using a wireless connection option. Still, a PC/Desktop user cannot connect to the WiFi using a Wireless option.

The only possible and easy way to connect WiFi to a PC is by using a USB wireless connectivity adapter. The USB adapter enables you to connect to WiFi directly on the PC. There are many USB WiFi adapters available on various shopping sites. You can purchase anything based on your choice. If you don’t know anything and are in a dilemma about purchasing, we suggest you buy a Tenda Wireless adapter.

How to connect to WiFi on PC?

  • After purchasing the Wireless USB adapter then unbox it.
  • Now, Connect a Wireless USB adapter to your Pc/Desktop.
  • You will be getting a Wireless USB adapter driver CD with your purchase. Insert that CD into your pc.
  • Now, Open the CD from My Computer(This PC) and install the required driver provided in the CD.
  • After installing, You can see the wireless connectivity option automatically in the taskbar.
  • Click on it(WiFi) and select your WiFi and enter the password.

And that’s all Wireless connectivity option has been successfully installed on your Operating System. It can connect to any WiFi, and you can experience the speed based on your broadband and WiFi adapter.

Watch our video for a complete explanation with a wireless USB adapter.

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