How to create a bootable USB drive using Command Prompt

In this guide, we will learn how to create a bootable USB drive using Command Prompt for installing the Windows operating system.

Bootable USB CMD

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What is Bootable USB?

A bootable USB is an external drive that is created by an operating system. Bootable USB means the USB which is used to boot your PC or laptop. In general, Bootable USB is used for flashing any operating system.

Instead of creating a DVD/CD for every operating system, a Bootable USB would be best. Because once after installing any operating system, We can clean it and use it usually. At the same time, it is not possible to use a CD/USB drive. There are many ways of creating a Bootable USB.

How to create a bootable USB by Command Prompt?

Below are the easy ways to Flashing Windows on USB. Please follow every step correctly.

  1. Connect your USB and open the command prompt as administrator.
  2. Type ‘diskpart’ in cmd and then click enter.
  3. We need to select the USB device. To select the USB drive, type ‘list disk’ and click enter. It displays all the available disks.
  4. Type ‘select disk number’(replace the number with the number of the disk you want to select) and hit enter.

    A message will be displayed Disk 1(your disk no.) is now selected
  5. Now, We need to erase the data and make the USB clean. To do that, type ‘clean’ and hit enter.
  6. Type ‘create primary’ and hit enter.
  7. We need to choose the created partition. So, To do that, type ‘select partition 1′ and hit enter.
  8. Now, We need to format the USB. To do that, type ‘format=fs NTFS quick’ and hit enter.
  9. To make the primary bootable partition as Active, Type ‘active’ and hit enter.
  10. Type ‘exit’ and hit enter.
  11. Now, Extract the iso directly to the USB drive.

And that’s all you have finally created bootable Windows USB manually.

Note:- Follow every step carefully.

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