How to create a bootable USB for installing Windows

In this guide, we will learn how to create a bootable USB for installing Windows operating system using the ISO file.

Bootable USB

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What is Bootable USB?

A bootable USB is an external drive that is created by an operating system. Bootable USB means the USB which is used to boot your PC or laptop. In general, Bootable USB is used for flashing any operating system.

Instead of creating a DVD/CD for every operating system, a Bootable USB would be best. Because once after installing any operating system, We can clean it and use it usually. At the same time, it is not possible to use a CD/USB drive. There are many ways of creating a Bootable USB.

Below are the easy ways to Flashing Windows on USB. Please follow every step correctly.

  1. At first, Download your required ISO file from any trusted website.
  2. Download a software named Rufus from the below download link.
  3. Download Rufus.
  4. After downloading, Connect the USB to your PC/Laptop.
  5. Open Rufus and at first select the USB device.
  6. The USB will be detected automatically. If you connect two USB’s then select any one of your choices but make sure it has more storage(space) than your iso file.
  7. Under boot selection, Select the downloaded or existing ISO file.
  8. Now, Select the partition scheme and leave the remaining setting as it is.
  9. Now, click on start.
  10. Please wait until the process gets completed.

And that’s all; The Bootable USB will be ready as soon as the process gets completed. This is a straightforward method to make a bootable Windows USB. Follow every step carefully.

Please check our Video for more detailed information:

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