In the present situation, Everyone is staying at home and as a result, to complete there work they are attending & creating(Colleges, Schools) video conferences. There are many apps for creating or hosting a meeting but as security matters first we strongly recommend everyone to use Cisco Webex for creating meetings.

What is Cisco Webex?

Cisco Webex is a platform used for creating meetings. Cisco has acquired it in 2007. By purchasing premium plans we can create meetings with over 200 members for a session. For Active users or employees, the meeting capacity is 1000. By using the free plan in Cisco Webex we can create a meeting with over 100 members with HD video and screen sharing also.

As we are experiencing lockdown now, Schools, Colleges, and many others are creating an online meeting to complete the syllabus or to assign works. If you are looking to host a meeting in Cisco Webex then please follow the below steps carefully.

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How to create/host a meeting in Cisco Webex?

1. Go to Cisco Webex and click on the host which is in the menu bar.

How to create a Webex meeting

2. After that, a new window will be opened and you will be asked to sign in. Below the sign-in mailbox click on sign up.

How to create a Webex meeting

3. Enter your mail address and click on Signup.

How to create a Webex meeting

4. After that, Choose your country and enter your details.

How to create a Webex meeting

You will see a screen like this

5. Now, Go your mail and open cisco Webex mail.

6. Click on Create Password, You will be redirected to Webex website.

How to create a Webex meeting

7. Create your Password.

How to create a Webex meeting

8. You will be redirected to another website. Click on Start a Meeting on that site.

How to create a Webex meeting

After that, the Webex app will be downloaded automatically. The screen will appear like this.

How to create a Webex meeting

9. After downloading, Install the application and open it.

10. Now, Click on Start meeting.

How to create a Webex meeting

11. Within a few seconds, The meeting will be started. If you want to add other people then you can invite them by mail or you can copy the meeting link from below options.

And that’s all meeting has been created successfully. You can see many options on the screen, Please have a look at them. Follow these steps carefully for hosting a meeting. If you face any difficulties at any step then please let us know in the comment section below.



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