How to delete Instagram account permanently

Are you looking to delete your Instagram account permanently? If yes then you are at the right place. At first, please note that deleting an account is different from deactivating it. By deleting an account you will be terminated from that social media and the action can’t be undone. On the other side, deactivating means hiding your account temporarily from the public. In this guide, we are going to discuss the process of deleting an Instagram account permanently.


Facebook-owned Instagram is a popular social media network where users can share their images/videos with their followers. After Facebook, Instagram is the trending social media network. According to a recent report, Instagram has over 26.9 million users across the world.

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How to backup your data?

Before deleting the Instagram account permanently, we suggest you take the backup of your images/ videos on your Instagram account. Follow the below steps for backing up your data.

-> At first, login to Instagram on any browser and go to the Instagram download request page by clicking here.

-> Enter your mail address and click next.

-> Now, enter your Instagram password and click on request download.

And that’s all, Instagram will automatically send your uploaded content to your registered mail id. It may take 48 hours to collect this data and send it to you.

How to delete an Instagram account permanently?

If you need the backup of your uploaded content then follow the above guide. Otherwise, just ignore the above guide and follow the below steps for deleting an Instagram account permanently.

Note: The action can’t be undone.

-> At first, login to Instagram on any browser by entering your account details.

-> Now, go to the Instagram account delete page by clicking here.

-> Enter the reason for deleting your account. If there is any genuine purpose then select the exact reason. Otherwise, simply select Something else.

-> Enter your Instagram password and scroll down and click on Permanently delete my account.

And that’s all, your Instagram will be deleted automatically within a fraction of seconds. You will no longer be able to login into your account again as it is deleted permanently.

Wrap up:

Most people may be deleting their Instagram for their personal reasons and they simply create a new account to get rid of them. If this is your reason behind it then we better suggest you report them from many of your friend’s accounts. So that Instagram can remove their account permanently by checking all the reports.

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