How to get a free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

In this guide, we will teach you how to get a free SSL Certificate for your Website and make your Website secure.


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Starting in 2018, Google Chrome started showing Websites as Not Secure if they do not have an SSL certificate or provide HTTP. If your Website provides an HTTP connection or doesn’t provide an HTTPS connection, your Website will be marked as Not Secure. And also, Google Chrome is not even opening HTTP connection websites.

What is SSL?

The expansion of SSL is the “Secure socket layer,” and it plays a vital role in Internet security. This SSL helps you when you are browsing through the internet to find or do something. For example, if you are browsing on a site that uses an HTTP connection or showing Not secure. This indirectly means that browsing is not safe with this site, and third-parties may steal your Personal/Payment information.

On the other half, If you are browsing on the site which uses HTTPS connect or if it shows secured with a Green lock, Then it means that your connection with this site is very safe. You can share your personal information or payment details with this site without any worries.

As security matters first, Most people don’t open unsecured websites. There are many SSL providers on the internet, but everyone can’t purchase it. This article is primarily for people who want to get a free SSL Certificate.

How to get a free SSL Certificate?

Below are a few steps for getting a free SSL certificate. Follow every step carefully.

-> Search in Google for SSL For Free or click here to go directly to the Website.

-> After opening, Enter the URL of the site for which you want to get free SSL.

-> Enter and click on Create free SSL.

-> Click on any verification method of your choice. We will be explain using Manual verification.

-> After clicking Manual Verification, Scroll down and click on Manually Verify Domain.

-> Scroll down and download

  • Download File #1
  • Download File #2

-> After downloading, Go to the file manager in your hosting and open your domain folder.

-> Open public_html folder and create a folder named “.well-known“. After that, Open the .well-known folder and create a folder named “acme-challenge.”

-> Now, Upload the downloaded files in the acme-challenge folder.

-> After uploading, go back to SSL For Free website and click on Download SSL Certificate.

If you already have CSR for your domain, then click on the checkbox. If you don’t have or don’t know, then leave it.

-> Now, Certificate, Private key, and CA Bundle will be displayed there.

-> Go to your hosting and navigate to SSL and copy all these in the corresponding boxes. After that, click on the install certificate.

-> If you are using WordPress, Then go to your site and change the address or install the SSL plugin and activate it.

And that’s SSL certificate will be activated for your Website, and a green lock will appear. Your Website connection will be changed to HTTPS.

Wrap up:

This is a straightforward way to get a Free SSL certificate for your Website. The free SSL certificate is valid for 90 days and, after expiry, repeats the same process.

Using the free SSL certificate will be good up to some extinct only, but to make your site information more secure, better purchase an SSL certificate from your hosting provider.

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