How to hide phone number in Telegram

In the present world, Telegram is one of the trending messaging services. Because as Whatsapp gained more popularity in India, As Whatsapp doesn’t belong to India, It is known as Indian Whatsapp.


An average of 400 million users uses Telegram daily. Telegram is one of the best platforms for creating groups with over thousand of members. As of now, The group limit of the Telegram is Whatsapp. In comparison, the group limit of Whatsapp is 256 members only.

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One of the Telegram’s central core features is that it lets users hide their numbers while using the app. This is one of the unique and significant elements of Telegram. Because almost no other popular apps let you do so. The privacy & security options are available in only mobile and desktop telegram app. Unfortunately, they are not available on Telegram Web.

How to hide phone number in Telegram?

Follow the below steps correctly for hiding the mobile number in the Telegram application.

-> Open Telegram application on your mobile.

->  After opening, Navigate to Settings and go to Privacy and Security.

-> Now, Under privacy tap on the Phone number. You can see a few options there. The explanation of those options is provided below.


Everyone who is on the telegram has permission to see your Phone Number.

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My Contacts:

The saved contacts on your device who has telegram can see your Phone number.


No one can see your Phone number including saved contacts on your device.

-> To hide the Phone number to everyone then tap on Nobody. If you want to show your Phone number to your contacts then tap on My Contacts.

–>> If you want to stop other people from finding your number then on My contacts under Who can find me by my number.

–>> If you want to share your Phone number with only a few members then tap under exceptions and select the contacts to see your Phone number.

That’s all, follow these steps on your mobile to hide Phone number. If you want to hide Phone numbers in desktop telegram app then please check out the below article.

How to hide phone number in desktop telegram app.

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