How to make prank calls | Best app for making prank calls

In this guide, we are going to discuss the complete trick to irritate someone frequently by making unlimited calls.


Almost everyone is using a smartphone and enjoying their livelihood by using various apps & playing games in the present world. Many people will be enjoying their days by doing different-different things. Here, we have got you an exciting app that makes you happy.

If you are angry with your friend or if you want to play with him anonymously, then you are in the right place. If you want to do so, you need to read this article entirely for an exciting trick.

What is Tak Zang?

Tak Zang is an app developed by the Narenj software group, and this app is for making prank calls, So it comes under the entertainment category. This app is also called a “missed call app,” like this app’s main feature is calling someone frequently. This app lets you make unlimited missed calls to your friends with your custom call timer.

Features of Tak Zang:

In simple words, Tak Zang is an app that allows you to make unlimited prank calls to your friends. This app contains many inbuilt features. The features of the Tak Zang app are mentioned below.

  • Free of cost:- This application is entirely free to use, and everyone can access the features and explore them.
  • Simple Interface: The user interface of this app is straightforward, i.e., any new user can easily access the app without knowing about the app.
  • Unlimited missed calls:-This application allows you to make unlimited missed calls to anyone automatically with a single tap.
  • Multiple languages:– Tak Zang is available in multiple languages
  • Timer:- The timer feature allows you to set the duration of the missed call.
Tak Zang app screenshots

How to download the Tak Zang app?

Unfortunately, Tak Zang is not available in the Google play store. As it is a third party application, We need to download it manually. You can download Tak Zang from any app market but make sure that you download the app from a trusted site to avoid viruses and malware.

Click here to download Tak Zang app.

How to install the Tak Zang app?

The APK will not be installed directly because we have downloaded it from other app markets. So, We need to install the app manually. The below are a few detailed steps for installing the Tak Zang app. please follow them correctly.

  1. At first, Locate the downloaded file by using the file manager app or go to the browser and then check recent downloads.
  2. Now, Open the file, and then click on install.
  3. Wait until the apps get installed.
  4. After installing, You can see the app in your apps list.

How to use the Tak Zang app?

  1. At first, Open the app from the app drawer.
  2. Select your preferred language if it is available. By default, it comes with the English language only.
  3. After that, Clock on the start button.
  4. Now, Enter the victim’s mobile number and click on next.
  5. Enter the amount of missed calls that you want to make to your selected victim.
  6. After that, Enter the missed call duration and then click on start.

And that’s all. The app will make calls automatically based on your missed call timer.

Note:- Don’t irritate anyone too much, and this article is for Education purposes only.

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