How to save snaps without notifying


We are living in the era of smartphone applications, where we can see millions of the apps which are being used regularly. Nowadays everyone is getting behind social media and passing their time with it. If you are a Snapchat lover then you should read this article completely.
As of now, every social media app has it’s own features and are non-comparable to each other. Almost every social media apps allow us to save photos, videos and take screenshots of your friends and no one will be notified of our actions. But Snapchat is completely different from all other apps, It doesn’t allow anyone to save photos, videos, or take screenshots directly. If you screenshot or screen record any of your friends snap then they will be knowing that you have done certain action on their snaps. To avoid this issue and if you still want to save media files then you need to use a third-party application named Snapsave.
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In Snapchat, After viewing the snaps then they will be disappeared completely and if you take screenshots or record snaps, then you will be notified. To avoid this issue, then you need to use Snapsave. It allows us to screenshot or screen record media files unknowingly.


It allows us to save media files without notifying them i.e the sender doesn’t receive any notifications on saving their snaps.
Snapsaver contains screenshot and screen recording feature which is specially made for Snapchat and if you want, You can also use it for other apps too.
How To Save Snaps Of Your Friends Without Notifying Them

How to save snaps without notifying

Snap save app screenshots

How to install Snap save?

  1. At first, Download Snap save On Your Android smartphone from the Google play store.
  2. Now, wait until the app downloads and after that install the app.
  3. After installing, you need to grant some apps permission for better results.
  4. Open the app and select on screenshot or screen recording.
  5. After that, you can see a small icon on the screen.
  6. Open Snapchat and select the snap which you want to save.
  7. Before opening the snap click on that icon which is displayed on your screen.
  8. That’s all and go back to the Snapsave app and check the photos there.

I would like to recommend Snap save the app to all the Snapchat lovers. If you want to download the app then click the below link…
Download Snap Saver.


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