How to send prank messages to anyone anonymously

In this guide, We are going to discuss how to send continuous prank OTP messages to anyone. Everyone around the world is busy with their works. Some people like me will always be looking to prank someone by sending continuous messages anonymously and acting like we don’t know what’s happening.


If you are angry with your friend or if you want to play with him anonymously, then you are in the right place. If you’re going to do so, you need to read this article entirely for an exciting trick. For the completion of this process successfully, then you need an app named BOMBitUP.

What is BOMBitUP?

BOMBitUP is an app that Rom Reviewer owns. This app is for sending prank messages, So it comes under the entertainment category. This app is also called the “OTP messages app,” as the main feature is sending messages to someone frequently. BOMBitUP allows you to send unlimited missed calls to your friends Anonymously.

Features of BOMBitUP:

In simple words, BOMBitUP is an app that allows you to send unlimited OTP messages to your friends. This app contains many inbuilt features. The features of the BOMBitUP app are mentioned below.

Free of cost: This application is entirely free for use, and everyone can access the features and explore them.

Simple Interface: The user interface of this app is straightforward; i.e., any new user can access the app easily without knowing about the app.

Flexible use: There are no restrictions for using this app. You can use this app at any time and anywhere on your mobile. This app also allows you to send unlimited anonymous messages to anyone automatically with a single tap.

Protection list: If your friends send the same OTP messages to you, you can turn it on. And that’s all; you will not receive any OTP messages now.

Screenshots of the BOMBitUP app

How to download the BOMBitUP app?

Unfortunately, BOMBitUP is not available in the Google play store. As it is a third party application, We need to download it manually from the official website. Click or tap on the below link to go to the official website and download it.

Download BOMBitUP

After downloading the app, Open it, and follow the below steps.

How to send prank OTP messages to anyone anonymously?

  • At first, go to your home screen and open the installed application.
  • After opening, select your country and enter the victim’s mobile number.
  • Now, Enter the message count.
  • Click on the delay to choose the time gap between two messages.
  • Tap on Bombit, and the messages will start sending automatically.

Your friend will not be able to know the message source. And that’s all; This is the way to send OTP messages to someone anonymously.

How to protect yourself from getting messages?

  • Go to the app drawer and tap on Protection List.
  • Enter your First name and Mobile number there.

And that’s all; you will not receive any prank messages even though your friend sends them.

Note: Don’t misuse this app. Use it for entertainment purposes only.

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