Best Custom ROMs for Moto G7

Are you in search of the best Custom ROMs for your Moto G7? If yes, then you are in the right place. Below is the complete list of Best Custom ROMs for Moto G7 smartphone. You can choose the better ROM and download the working ones easily.

Moto G7 Custom ROMs

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What is Custom ROM?

In simple words, a Custom ROM means a firmware based on Android source code, which is released officially by the company. Interested ones take the Firmware and modify it accordingly based on their necessary features and changes. However, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages of these Custom ROMs, and they are as follows.

Advantages of Custom ROMs

  • Take Ownership of Your Phone: You can completely take access to your smartphone and use it accordingly by making necessary modifications if needed.
  • Extend your Smartphone’s life: As Custom ROMs don’t affect your Smartphone’s hardware part. As a result, you can use your device for more time with limited features.
  • Get Android Updates Faster: You can experience the Android Updates faster than all the other Smartphones.
  • Speed: The speed of your device will be increased as Custom ROMs don’t have all the features, and hence, the memory usage will be less.
  • Bigger Battery Life: As discussed earlier, Custom ROMs use only the necessary memory, and the Custom ROMs are loaded with limited features. Hence, your smartphone can sustain for a longer duration of time.

Disadvantages of Custom ROMs

  • Software Problem: You might undergo some errors while using the device, as Custom ROMs might also contain bugs inside it.
  • Loss of data: Sometimes, your device might face unexpected boot loops in rare cases, and as a result, you might lose your data.
  • Warranty Void: Once you have loaded the Custom ROM on your device, the warranty becomes void.
  • All apps won’t run: All the applications on your device may not run as expected, and sometimes, they may also crash.

Note: Make sure to check all the Advantages and Disadvantages twice before checking the ROMs. Also, We – Oflatest, are not responsible for any kind of damages that are caused by these Custom ROMs.

Best Custom ROMs for Moto G7

You might find plenty of the Custom ROMs on other external websites. But unfortunately, they all are not up to the mark and don’t work as expected. So, below is the list of good and working Custom ROMs for your Moto G7.

1. Lineage OS

When it comes to the Custom ROMs, the Lineage OS is a very popular and good working ROM for almost all the devices. Lineage OS is another icon for the CyanogenMod, which was killed a couple of years ago. Some of the Lineage OS features include New partial screenshot UI, ThemePicker app from AOSP, quick toggle features, Navigation bar & Status bar customizations, Use fingerprint sensor to hide and protect apps, etc.

Lineage OS

This ROM is based on Android 10, and the GApps must be downloaded and flashed separately. Most of the user-reported issues were fixed after the initial release of this ROM.

Android Version: 10

GApps download: Needed

Download (XDA Link)

2. AospExtended ROM

After Lineage Os, the AOSP Extended ROM would be a great pick, and it would work like a charm on your Moto G7. Talking about the features, the ROM comes with the DUI(Fling/Pulse/Smartbar), DU Font Engine, One-Handed UI, Live Display, Flip Button Animation, Status bar Clock Seconds, Lockscreen Shortcut, StatusBar Brightness Control, and much more features.

AospExtended ROM

It is an Android 9 Pie-based ROM. If your searching for a smooth ROM, then AOSP ROM would be an excellent try. You can follow the below URL to find out more details & download this ROM. Also, make sure to download the GApps as they are not preloaded.

Android Version: 9

GApps download: Needed

Download (XDA Link)

3. Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix is another popular ROM from the past few years for many smartphones. This is an AOSP based Custom ROM, and as a result, the User Interface (UI) is the same as the Stock Android or Pixel smartphones. It also modified Custom ROM with limited features, which allows you to increase the Smartphone’s speed, battery life, and performance.

Resurrection Remix OS

This ROM is based on Android 9 Pie, and as of now, there are no major bugs available. Additionally, you need to download the GApps by following the below URL.

Android Version: 9

GApps download: Needed

Download (XDA Link)

4. HavocOS

HavocOS is another popular ROM with highly customizable features. The UI and features in this ROM are completely based on the Pixel OS. Some of the features of this ROM (HavocOS) include Android R Style Screenrecord Dialog, Material Design 2 UI, Face Unlock, Enhanced QS Battery Estimation, Lockscreen Clocks, etc. This ROM would definitely be a good one for those looking for good performance and greater battery life.


Many developers have been working behind this ROM to fix all the reported issues and add new features. This ROM is completely based on Android 10, and you don’t need to download the GApps separately as the most used Google Apps are already loaded. Further, if you need all the other GApps, then you can download the full version.c

Android Version: 10

GApps download: Optional

Download (XDA Link)

5. Pixel Experience

The name itself hints that this ROM is taken from the Pixel devices and modified with limited features. The Pixel Experience ROM comes with a simple & good looking UI, Boot Animations, Boot Animations, Boot Animations, and much more. This ROM would also be a great pick for those who are looking for a clean UI and good performance.

Pixel Experience

This is an Android 10 based ROM, and you no need to install the GApps separately as they are already preloaded.

Android Version: 10

GApps download: Needed

Download (XDA Link)

Wrap Up

This is our list of Best Custom ROMs which we suggest for Moto G7. All of the above-mentioned ROMs are working perfectly, and they are up to the mark. If you have encountered any issue or if you know any of the other best ROMs for the Moto G7, then do let us know via the comment section below.

Moto G7 Specifications

At the beginning of 2017, Motorola has launched the Moto G7 smartphone with a 6.2-inch display and a Qualcomm SDM632 Snapdragon 632 (14 nm) Chipset. In-camera, there’s a 12-MP + 5-MP dual rear camera and an 8-MP single front-facing camera. The device comes with 4GB RAM and 64 GM internal storage.

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