Tiktok App ratings decreased to 2.0 (Star) on Google Play store

Tiktok App ratings decreased to 2.0 (Star) on Google Play store

From the past few days, there is a trend on the “Youtube VS TikTok” video which is made by CarryMinati (real name: Ajey Nagar). The video became very popular within the span of 1-2 days. Unfortunately, The video has been removed by Youtube. It could have become the most liked video on Youtube if it is there now.


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As soon as Youtube removed the video, Many of his fans started trolling against the video removal and also started posting many posts with #justiceforcarryminati, #BanTikToklnlndia hashtags in twitter and many other social media sites.

A few days back, Tiktok holds 4.6 stars in the Google Play store and 4.8 stars in the App store. After the removal of CarryMinati’s video, the TikTok app rating dropped from 4.6 to 2.0 (present) in the Google play store and the rating dropped from 4.8 to 4.2 (present) in the App store. As most of the Indians are using Android mobiles, The ratings dropped mostly in the Google play store only.

Most of the Indians started rating it is as one star by mentioning the comments as ‘waste app’, ‘Remove this useless app’, and many more. Below are the few screenshots of recent ratings.

On the other side, a social media influencer Faizal Siddiqui who has more than 13 million followers on Tiktok. He hinted at the promotion of a video on acid attack on women. The video shows an artist who threatens a girl who left him by choosing another guy. He attacks women with acid and the girl’s face is shown with heavy makeup to show it as acid burns.

However, NCW asked Tiktok to remove the video and informed Maharastra police to take action against the person behind the video.

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Tiktok App ratings decreased to 2.0 (Star) on Google Play store

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