Whatsapp video call limit has been increased to 8 members

Facebook-owned Whatsapp is a very popular social media app around the world. Whatsapp has millions of users throughout the world and the count is being increased every day.


Coming to the present situation, Everyone is staying at home and as a result, to complete there work they are attending & creating(Colleges, Schools) video conferences using the Zoom app. The Zoom app has become a very popular app during this lockdown period. But also security matters first, Based on some of the news that Zoom is selling user data to some source. So, Based on information received from the government it is not safe to use the Zoom app.

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As video conferences are mandatory these days, Skype introduced video call service, Google introduced Google Meet which allows to make video calls up to 30 users. In a similar way, Whatsapp also extended video calls limit from four(4) to eight(8).

This feature was available in Beta version of Whatsapp in the past days and it is out from beta and at present, it is available to everyone. Whatsapp’s Video calls works on low-end-devices and also they work with poor internet connections also. Whatsapp calls are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Whatsapp calls don’t work for online classes but instead of using other apps for small meetings, it’s better to use Whatsapp for small meetings.

How to increase your video calls limit in Whatsapp?

If you have turned on Automatic updates in your mobile App store then the feature comes directly. If you have turned off automatic app updates and in case if you didn’t receive the feature then follow the below steps.

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  • Go to the mobile app store and update your Whatsapp to version 2.20.50.
  • After that, Open Whatsapp and navigate to calls.
  • Now, Tap on the new group call and add people to your audio or video call.

By following these you steps you can experience the new features.

Note:- This update is available for all device platforms.

Many governments said not to use the Zoom app but still many people are using the Zoom app from online classes to meetings. There are many alternate apps with the same features of the Zoom app. So, make sure that every app you use is a safe and protected app.

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